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A Digital Recipe for Process Manufacturing Operational Excellence

Sivakumar Viswanathan, Manager, Management Consulting & David McKnight, Director, Digital Manufacturing Solutions

October 28, 2022 | 03.36 PM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

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Striving for operational excellence within process manufacturing can be grueling work. Paper tracking is still common across the industry, especially in regulated processes, making it incredibly challenging to mine and analyze data for improvement opportunities. In addition, hiring and retaining operators who require considerable expertise is a perpetual challenge. And, as with all industries, reducing operating costs, improving time-to-market for new products, and manufacturability can become major hurdles for the chemical manufacturer. Compounding these complexities is the sheer volume of chemicals that are manufactured annually. One estimate suggests there are over 350,000 chemicals and chemical mixtures in commercial use, including 85,000 that are considered toxic requiring additional regulatory and safety needs. Considering these interconnected and increasingly complex challenges, operational agility is hard to come by. There is hope, however, and it is in the form of exciting new access to digital innovations. Our speakers discuss how Process Digital Twins and Predictive Quality are catalyzing operational results.