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Can KYC Compliance and Customer Experience Coexist?

Paul Lewis, Global VP and CTO - Hitachi Vantara and Howard Holton, CTO – Hitachi Vantara

April 02, 2020 | 07.25 PM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

Practical Steps for the IT Executive. Remaining competitive in the modern financial world requires staying ahead of increasingly sophisticated financial crimes and fluid regulations across multiple jurisdictions. Simply monitoring sanctions lists is no longer an option. Financial institutions must be able to generate a complete picture of each entity they onboard. At the same time, standard AML systems generate a high proportion of false positives – estimated at 80% to 90% of alerts – creating bottlenecks, adding risk and annoying customers. In fact, one study showed that 12% of corporations had changed banks because of KYC issues. Addressing these challenges requires new strategies and innovative technologies that enable real-time risk profiling and continuous KYC. Financial institutions can leverage machine learning and data automation to improve compliance, reduce risk, streamline operations and keep their customers happy. In this webinar we will discuss: •How evolving regulations and increasingly sophisticated threats drive AML complexity. •Innovative technologies, from AI to blockchain to biometrics, that help financial institutions stay one step ahead of financial criminals. •What steps firms can take today to leverage the power of machine learning and maximize the value of their data. •How banks can de-risk their customer onboarding while maintaining best-in-class customer service.