What You’ll Hear.

Data is taking centre stage in this digital age. Where data resides has an impact on the user experience, and organizations can unlock the full potential of their data to gain a competitive edge in today’s data-driven world. Find out what will empower organizations to adopt a flexible and agile cloud strategy while maintaining control over their data and applications. Join this webinar to discover: What is the most effective way to develop an IT infrastructure that can support enterprise features both on-premises and off-premises? Are there mixed options available or is cloud technology a binary decision? What factors should be considered when making cloud choices? Additionally, how can an organization ensure that data security is being upheld when using cloud technology? How can we achieve 100% data availability? What advancements are being made in digital infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of businesses? How Hitachi Vantara and Equinix supports organizations in scaling their data management capabilities and enable seamless integration between on-premise infrastructure and public/ private cloud environments