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Design Your Workloads for Reliability and Cost in Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

Lee Sustar, Principal Analyst - Forrester / Krishnaprasath Hari, VP of Digital Modernization – Hitachi Vantara

March 11, 2022 | 02.05 PM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

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Taming the Complexity of Cloud Operations - Episode 3 How can you make running and operating as easy as possible in hybrid cloud environments? By designing workloads for reliability and cost from the very beginning, for starters. That’s what experts from Forrester and Hitachi Vantara discuss in this webinar. It’s the third in a four-part series, covering all aspects of modern cloud operations. You’ll hear: • Practical ways to apply DevSecOps principles at every stage of a workload’s lifecycle – from design to build to run. • Why resilience engineering is key to a more efficient run cycle. • How a cloud center of excellence could create the culture shift you need for smarter RunOps. • Why you need to decouple your processes, tools and orchestration for flexible operations. Watch now to hear insights from Forrester’s Lee Sustar and Hitachi Vantara’s Krishnaprasath Hari.