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How can your Data Center Reduce its Carbon Emissions?

Marcus Maddox, Global Alliances; Hitachi Vantara | James Terry, Sales; Cisco | Jonathan Easton, Editor; National Technology

July 18, 2023 | 03.20 PM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

Hitachi Vantara EVENT

Powerful data centers around the world are facing the growing challenge of operating at maximum efficiency while minimizing their environmental impact. Hitachi Vantara understands that inaction is not an option. In partnership with our friends at Cisco, we have combined our portfolios and expertise to create an ecosystem for maximum, meaningful impact on your sustainability goals. In this webinar, you will: • Take a deep dive into what can be done to decarbonize your data center • Discover how your business can significantly reduce its energy usage • Explore just how powerful the integration of Cisco Hitachi Adaptive Solutions and Hitachi Storage into your data center will be for your decarbonization strategy • Learn how doing this will also minimize disruption to business growth and expansion