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Infrastructure Modernization: Scaling Digital for Sustainability

Marco Mancuso, Hitachi Vantara, Thomas Jonsson, Hitachi Vantara, Richard Phillips, Hitachi Vantara, Jon Bernstein

February 16, 2022 | 11.00 AM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

Decarbonization and digitalization are megatrends that will force sectors and industries to undergo structural change and fundamentally alter traditional business models. Companies that are able to capitalize on the digitalization transformation opportunities of a low-carbon economy will have a foot forward in any market, avoiding the risks of potential increased operational and capital costs due to potential carbon taxes and investment in carbon-emissions mitigation measures which may lead to lower profitability. In this webinar Hitachi Vantara will explain how to align business strategy and IT goals, removing barriers typically preventing organizations from embarking on an IT infrastructure modernization project. Bullet points: - How decarbonization and digitalization can represent a new driver to increase the competitive advantage of any company - Scaling digital for sustainability implies modern low carbon IT infrastructures. What does a modern IT infrastructure look like in practice - IT Leaders must prepare themselves for a new approach to Core Modernisation with a partner able to cover from the Edge to the Core and the Cloud