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IT OT convergence: Mitigating today's risks, driving sustainability for tomorrow

Emily Crawford, Joe Bastone, Friedrich Richter, Johnannes zu Eltz, Alberto Corti, Patrick Sjostedt

August 11, 2022 | 07.26 PM UTC

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Hitachi Vantara EVENT

The risk of business disruption is always present. But recent events namely the global health and the geopolitical crisis in Europe - have led to a renewed and intensified focus on business resilience for organizations across the globe. Business leaders now recognize that the unexpected can happen and should be planned for accordingly. The longer a business is unable to operate normally, the greater the risk for financial loss. In this session our panel of industry leaders will discuss best practices to mitigating those risks. Risks ranging from supply chain operations, to loss of critical staff or even cybersecurity threats. Having a clear strategy around digital transformation and sustainability, can help you mitigate those risks now as well as prepare you for the future.