What You’ll Hear.

Have significant advantage over your competitors with large-scale data analytics in industrial operations. You’ll be able to offer reliable products to your customers at lower costs. But, it can be difficult to establish large-scale data analytics thanks to all the siloed data in today’s world. Engin Cukuroglu, data scientist for Hitachi Vantara’s APAC team, will examine the details of how he helped companies in Asia-Pacific region with large-scale data analytics. About our speaker: Dr. Engin Cukuroglu is a data scientist at Hitachi Vantara and helps customers in the Asia-Pacific region. He received his B.S. in chemical and biological engineering and has an M.S. and a doctorate in computational science and engineering. His studies primarily focused on large-scale data analytics in protein-protein interactions. After getting his degrees, he analyzed genomics data and developed pipelines for cancer and stem-cell research. His findings have been published in peer-reviewed journals and he has more than 10 years of large-scale data analytics experience. Dr. Cukuroglu is currently working with rail operators, mining companies, manufacturers, banks, fleet operators and delivery partners in Asia-Pacific to improve their machine-learning and predictive-analytics strategies.