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Leveraging AI in IT Operations: Real Business Benefits from Customers

Jeremy Fields, Global Services; Justin Schnauder, Global Services; Courtney Kealhofer, Google Cloud; John Mleczko, OpsRamp

December 15, 2022 | 04.30 PM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

Modern enterprises face the challenges of maintaining always-on digital services built on modern multi-cloud and legacy on-prem architectures. By leveraging AI and machine learning, enterprises can gain actionable insights into managing and optimizing their IT operations and business overall. In this 45-minute roundtable conversation, Jeremy Fields (VP Innovation Practice, Global Services) and Justin Schnauder (Practice Principal, Global Services) discuss leveraging AIOps in business. The conversation is moderated by Courtney Kealhofer (Customer Engineer at Google Cloud), with commentary from John Mleczko (Solutions Architect at OpsRamp). Speakers also explained real world benefits of Hitachi Vantara’s partnership with OpsRamp, including: - 40-80% reduction in time spent to find and fix issues - 70% expansion in customers with minimal increase in infrastructure and required resources - 90-95% reduction in alert noise driven by AIOps