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Modernizing Data Pipelines

David Stodder, Senior Director of Research for BI, TDWI | Charles Chatt, Dir., Lumada Software Presales Solution Engineering

November 16, 2022 | 08.49 AM UTC

What You’ll Hear.

Join this TDWI Coffee Talk Webinar with David Stodder, Senior Director of Research for BI, TDWI and Charles Chatt, Director, Lumada Software Presales Solution Engineering, to learn strategies for addressing pain points in data pipeline development, deployment, and management. In particular, we will discuss DataOps as a framework for efficient growth and higher satisfaction in meeting data-driven business demands for the right data at the right time. Topics include: • How DataOps and CI/CD practices help organizations tackle data pipeline growth and complexity • Treating data pipelines as a product: Changing mindsets about measuring the value of data pipeline • Data observability and monitoring for troubleshooting problems and ensuring success • The role of data intelligence for faster data pipeline development, improved quality, and data governance • Aligning different types of data pipelines, including ETL, ELT, and real-time data streaming, with the variety of use cases