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Cybercrime is a growing problem and all organizations, regardless of industry, are at risk of being hit by an attack. Solutions that help ensure availability of data and IT systems has never been more important and Hitachi has a unique solution for VMware based environments on Hitachi VSP storage. The solution is based on a combination of CyberVR and Hitachi Ops Center Protector. High level, the solution offers two things: • Quick recovery of large amounts of servers and data after an incident • Thin Digital Twins Quick recovery Recovery from traditional backups after a major incident involving many systems and large amounts of data normally takes days, if not weeks. With CyberVR it can be done in hours, even for large environments. Recovery is automated and orchestrated, to ensure dependencies between systems, and to ensure that they come up in the right order. Thin Digital Twins Thin digital twins are exact copies of the production environment running in air gapped environments that are isolated and protected, without risk of contact with other systems or the Internet. These digital twin environments can be used for a number of things. They are perfect for any kind of testing, for cleaning and hardening of systems, for forensics and triage after an incident, for training of personnel, for application validation, for running full-scale disaster test scenarios etc.