Cyber Resiliency & Modernized Data Protection

Proactive Power Webinar Series

Learn from leading experts at the forefront of cyber resilience, how to be less reactive and more proactive in building multi-layer shields of protection around your organization’s data.

Evolve from Backup and Recovery to Cyber Resilience

Join us for insights on proactive cyber threat mitigation, emerging technologies, and real-world success stories.

Modernize Your Data Protection without the Need to Rip and Replace Existing Tools

Learn techniques to minimize downtime, limit data loss, strengthen cyber protection, and optimize your data protection investments.

Stay Secure, Resilient, and Sustainable Amid a Global Data Revolution

Learn about securing critical data, optimizing storage, effective disaster recovery, and the impact of automation on IT sustainable strategies.

Transform Your Protection Strategy from Survival to Success

Learn critical strategies for enhancing data protection in complex hybrid cloud storage, transforming recovery processes, and ensuring business continuity in the face of ransomware and disasters.

Revamp Your Backup Strategy: Modernizing for Better RTO/RPO, TCO, and Cyber Resilience

Learn how to navigate the evolving data protection landscape and safeguard your critical assets with unwavering cyber resilience.

Elevate Your Cyber Defense: Fortifying Edge Infrastructure for Resilience

Gain insights into fortifying cyber resilience at the network's periphery, addressing challenges posed by edge devices and decentralized data.

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Elevate your data protection game in our Proactive Power Webinar Series – stay ahead in the modern cybersecurity landscape.

Customer Success Stories

RWTH Aachen University Provides Data Protection Across Universities with Hitachi Vantara

Backup Technology Lands More Sales and Maximizes Profitability With Hitachi Vantara Partnership