The State of Data Infrastructure Sustainability

The State of Data Infrastructure Sustainability Report

Findings from our global research study confirmed sustainability is a top priority for businesses worldwide. A majority claim their plans are on track, but the study among 1,000 global businesses revealed the reality is more complex, especially when it comes to the impact of the data center.

From 1,000 Global Businesses Surveyed

  • 85% claim to be “on” or “ahead” of their plan

    Though two in five (40%) report they lack a sustainability strategy or implementation plan.

  • 51% put eco-friendly data centers high on their list

    Over half say data center decarbonization is one of the most effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions. How to do it is not as clear.

  • 45% say cloud is central to sustainability strategy

    The #1 measure reported by all, but many are unaware shifting the impact does not lift their responsibility.

Key findings

Despite saying they prioritize the eco-data center, 67% say their CO2 footprint hasn’t changed in two years. As they shifted to the cloud, many deprioritized approaches like high-performance data infrastructure which has proven more cost-effective. The upside: a growing number of eco-leaders say they’ll take a more modern
infrastructure-centric approach in the next two years.


potential CO2 reduction in ten years moving to modern data infrastructure now


expected increase in use of high-performance data infrastructure in two years


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