Hitachi NASPO Offering for the State of Tennessee

Participating Addendum Information

State of Tennessee

Authorized Users: Local Governments, Private Non-Profit Institutions of Higher Education and Eligible Non-Profit Agencies

All state agencies, local governmental units within the geographic limits of the State of Tennessee, any private nonprofit institution of higher education chartered in Tennessee, and any corporation which is exempted from taxation under 26 U.S.C. Section 501(c)(3) as amended and which contracts with the Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation to provide services to the public (T.C.A. 33-2-401et seq.).

Purchases by local governmental units, private institutions of higher education, and authorized corporations are encouraged but are optional with those agencies, private institutions of higher education, and corporations.

All Purchase Orders issued by Purchasing Entities within the jurisdiction of this Contract must include Master Price Agreement Number MNWMC-113, and the PA Contract No. 51226. There are no dollar limits per configuration for either Servers or Storage.

All Purchase Orders, whether showing the vendor to be the Contractor or an authorized reseller / partner, are to be directed to:

Hitachi Sales Contact Information

Please contact your salesperson for invoicing, billing, order tracking and delivery questions.

Chip Dailey
O - 770-673-4497

Michael Creekmore
M: 423-314-6329

Partners Contact Information

OnX Enterprise Solutions

Joe Raney
M: 678.557.4714
O: 615.861.9557

VION Corporation

Justin Ciaccio
Director of Sales
O: (571) 353-6189

Silex Data Solutions

Ryan D. Smith
M: 615.491.0111
O: 615 599.5985

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