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Simplify Data Management Everywhere

Unify disparate application, data, and storage resources, and work across block, file and object, to power all your data, throughout its lifecycle.

Seize the advantage with an AI-driven, data platform approach to data management

Enable automated resource delivery while leveraging AIOps to orchestrate, optimize and protect your data resources. Simplify administrative complexity so you can focus on more valuable strategic initiatives.

Centrally manage data with a common data plane to streamline data management operations.

Discover intelligent data platform solutions for every need

With universal data management, you can quickly deploy business applications, advanced analytics, and AI/ML analytical workloads at scale. As workload and data growth continues to outpace budgets, increasing infrastructure management automation is business-critical.

Improve speed, efficiency, and reliability with Hitachi Ops Center

Easily enhance data protection to support business continuity and cyber resilience for your business.

December 19, 2022

The unique challenges of hybrid cloud data protection

Get superior resilience and intelligent performance with SVOS

Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) enables IT leaders to deliver best-in-class data availability, business continuity, and simplified storage management with private or hybrid cloud solutions that enhance ROI.


Data availability for always-on apps

“With our migration to All Flash, we gained better response time. Now we can provide better agility in our services and optimize the customer experience.”

Dario Kuceki Knopfholz, Information Systems Infrastructure Technology Coordinator, Celepar

Improving user experience in the State of Paraná

Celepar consolidated over 100 servers onto Hitachi all-flash storage to provide greater performance and efficiency, optimizing services for increasingly connected and demanding citizens.

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Reduction in manual processes

Storage is changing. How do you stay ahead?

Maximize your data's potential and outperform the competition with fast, agile, efficient infrastructure. We show you how.


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