Fireside Chat - Hitachi Everflex with Cisco Powered Hybrid Cloud

Hitachi and Cisco have a longstanding partnership focused on optimizing a range of solutions, hardware and software. The collaboration emphasizes a model that harnesses both companies’ strengths to support diverse application environments.

Customers seek comprehensive solutions, and the synergy of Hitachi’s 13-year expertise in managed services with Cisco’s technology offers a new Infrastructure as a Service consumption model and portfolio called Hitachi Everflex with Cisco Powered Hybrid Cloud.

The new solution combines Hitachi’s EverFlex consumption model, Infrastructure Orchestration platform for AI-driven analytics and automation, and Cisco’s adaptive solutions to optimize technology stacks for various applications.

This model simplifies the delivery and consumption of technologies for partners and customers, addressing the challenges of cloud and infrastructure costs, operations optimization, mixed environments, migrations, and the need for modernization. The combined expertise and technology aim to streamline complexity, simplifying technology and flexibility in consumption and expedite market delivery through partner collaboration, too.