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Simplify Industrial IoT Software Solutions Delivery

IIoT Analytics

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IIoT Analytic Solutions cores are toolkits that simplify industrial IOT software solutions delivery with packaged Digital Twin and ML Services with deployable machine learning models. Use them with the Lumada Industrial DataOps portfolio as a starting point to compose operations monitoring and predictive applications to better operate assets and optimize maintenance activities.

Pain Points that you may be Experiencing
  • Pressure from your operations team to accelerate IOT solutions delivery
  • Lack of experience in implementing predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Challenges in scaling applications across the enterprise beyond POCs
Extend Into Vertical Industry Solutions from Hitachi

Built on the capabilities of Lumada software for IIoT, the Lumada Industrial DataOps portfolio is the underlying data services layer, including IIoT Analytic Solutions cores, that can support Lumada vertical industry solutions for energy and utilities, manufacturing, transportation, or smart cities. Clients can choose between packaged vertical solutions from Hitachi or a develop-your-own-approach with a framework, or anything in between.

IIoT Anaytics

Conquering the Industrial IoT Scalability Barrier

Machine learning is complex to deploy and maintain, resulting in long implementation times and the inability to scale from pilots to enterprise-wide digital solutions. Hitachi’s IIoT Analytic Solutions Cores include Digital Twins and ML Services, and when coupled with Lumada Industrial DataOps software, help accelerate your time to value for analytic application delivery, breaking down data silos, and integrating OT and business data for greater insights.

Accelerate delivery effort for AI/ML applications to solve business problems and provide an Industrial IoT Platform environment for your process engineers, data scientists, technicians, and solutions developers to work together.

Extensive Industrial IOT Capabilities

Lumada Edge Intelligence and Lumada Data Integration software, built on Pentaho, works with IIoT Analytic Solutions Cores to lessen the burden of data integration, configuration, and management. It facilitates a quality data stream for use in analytics at the edge and enables other enterprise applications, data hubs and data lakes. Monitor and update the system software, add assets, remotely monitor devices, configure, and manage data routes, and set up alerts. APIs also provide integration with external applications.

Contact your Hitachi Vantara representative to learn how the capabilities of Lumada Industrial DataOps can extend your data management and analytics into industrial operations.

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