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Walls of offices are collapsing in favor of virtual remote workspaces with limitless possibilities for productivity and collaboration. The pandemic accelerated the trend where employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere on any device, without compromising on security and compliance. 

Organizations need to deliver a seamless workspace experience to their employees to harness the transition while providing outstanding performance for the end-user. Virtual apps and desktops environment should enable an always-on access for employees while streamlining administration and reducing the end-user computing costs. Designing a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment that delivers performance, scale without cost and schedule overruns is tricky and often leads to frustrations and failures.

How to Deliver an Exceptional User Experience to Remote Workforce

Organizations need to respond to the new reality of remote workspace by delivering virtual apps and desktops to all users across locations, devices and networks. However, many VDI projects don’t achieve their goals due to poor user-experience, cost and time overruns, and data security issues. Finding the right balance between a scalable, high-performance infrastructure and project capital has been a tricky exercise. 

Hitachi Infrastructure for Citrix Workspace for Excellent User-Experience, Simplified Administration and Cost Reduction

Hitachi Infrastructure for Citrix Workspace is an integrated converged infrastructure solution that brings together compute, networking, storage, and management to deliver an intelligent, automated, and scalable digital workspace platform. Designed and optimized for enterprise scale Citrix virtual apps and desktops, the integrated solution delivers an excellent user-experience to all employees anytime anywhere, and on any device.

The solution is comprised of industry-leading infrastructure components with advanced automation to simplify management and smart cost-reductions while ensuring continuous availability for digital workspaces.  Flexible end user administration is also enabled through the choice of a hybrid cloud or on-premises administration. Designed for high availability, the VDI solution delivers a continuous access to corporate apps to maximize the employee productivity and empower innovations. 

Exceptional User-Experience with High-Performance VDI Solution

High-performance integrated Digital Workspace Infrastructure Solution

Industry-leading IT infrastructure for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to provide an excellent user-experience to all employees. 

  • Seamless workspace experience for all users. No more waiting for performing desktop functions.

Optimized for Large Citrix Environments to Deliver High VDI Density

Designed for enterprise scaleCitrix environments to deliver more desktops per rack and enhance resource utilization. Automation of manual steps to reduce operational overheads for day 0-2.

  • Reduce the cost of desktop operations by supporting larger workforce with optimized VDI solution

Pre-built, Pre-validated Integrated Infrastructure for Rapid Desktop Rollout 

Pre-built, Pre-validated and pre-tested converged infrastructure for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to accelerate desktop delivery and eliminate the guesswork. 

  • Align desktops computing environment with the organizational human resource strategy. Predictably support the recruiting and onboarding activities. 

Continuous Availability of Digital Workspace for all users

Ensuring continuous access to corporate apps is crucial for collaboration and innovation. Legendary data availability with Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform systems coupled with a multisite architecture enables uptime for apps and data even in the event of multiple hardware, software or site failures.

  • Connected workforce for maximum productivity and employee satisfaction 

Simplify the Management of Integrated Workspace Solution

Automated management with Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Advisor for day0-2 operations to reduce manual work and improve certainty. 

  • Improved productivity with a streamlined administration 

Proven partner for large VDI deployments 

Customers like you trust Hitachi with their business-critical Citrix VDI operations for user-experience, scale, availability, and business experience. You can count on the insights and expertise of Hitachi teams, who have implemented and supported tens of thousands of desktops spread across multiple sites. 

  • Design, implement and support scalable Citrix VDI with confidence

Excellent User-Experience, Scale and Availability with Optimized Integrated VDI Solution


The VDI solution should empower employees with a seamless office experience while simplifying the management for IT teams and improving the ROI. Continuous availability of virtual apps and desktops is key to maximize collaboration and productivity across the organization.

Hitachi’s integrated VDI solution is designed and optimized for Citrix environments to deliver a turnkey experience while removing the guesswork in sizing and design.

Proven enterprise infrastructure combined with rich experience in architecting and deploying a few hundred to tens of thousands of desktops uniquely positions Hitachi to be your trusted VDI partner.

Deliver desktops as it meets your business objective on CapEx or as-a-service. 

If organizations’ VDI solutions are going to be able to keep up with the dramatic changes transforming the usage, management and results of VDI, new thinking on their hardware platforms and software environment is required.

Engage with Hitachi’s VDI Experts to Design, Size, and Implement Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

  • Superior end-user experience with optimized solution for Citrix Virtual Apps and desktops
  • Enhanced productivity with a seamless access to enterprise apps and data
  • Continuous employee engagement with high-availability VDI
  • Lower costs of employee computing with high desktop-density solutio

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