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Pentaho+ Platform: Unlock the Power of Your Entire Workforce.

Leverage 100% Trusted Data to Empower Innovation and Mission Critical Insights


The Pentaho+ Platform from Hitachi Vantara empowers every worker in your organization to achieve greater performance through simplified access to mission-critical insights driven by 100% trusted data. With the Pentaho+ Platform, make your data work for you, fix the reports and AI-driven insights that lead you astray. Pentaho offers a comprehensive platform that enables your organization to aggressively take on data-driven initiatives like GenAI, compliance, sustainability, data transformation, cost optimization, customer experience, sales acceleration and market expansion.

The Pentaho+ Platform provides the precision tools you need to automate the work of complex data management in the cloud or on-premise, anytime, anywhere.

With easy-to-use tools and self-service, cloud-agnostic data management solutions, the Pentaho+ Platform can:

  • Discover, catalog and deliver data
  • Improve data observability and increase understanding of data assets
  • Improve tiering, control and governance
  • Optimize the cost of data availability for data analytics and provide flexible data retention for on-premise and cloud data archives
  • Fuel automation and innovation with trusted data ready for ML and AI
  • Drive reliability to 100% trusted data
  • Accelerate your speed to value and get measurable results in cost savings, sustainability and performance improvements— in as little as 30 days

Better Data Fitness for AI, Analytics & Automation.

In today’s data-driven world, harnessing the full power of your data is paramount for profitable growth and innovation. Whether you are a data analyst, IT manager or a business leader, you need the ability to seamlessly handle data from its inception to its insights, no matter where it resides. The Pentaho+ Platform empowers innovation and business impact, getting you a greater return on your data investments using advanced technologies to automate the work of complex data management on cloud or on-prem, anytime and anywhere with easy-to-use, powerful self-service, cloudagnostic data management solutions.

Measurable gains occur with each use, accelerating speed to value and results. Customer experience enhancements, cost savings, reliability, sustainability and performance improvements become faster and easier, in as little as 30 days.

The Pentaho+ Platform is designed with tremendous horsepower at its foundation, and precision tools to maximize the inherent value in your data, designed to be flexible, balanced and incredibly well-prepared to enable leadership. It builds on a strong history of easy-to-use process of ETL data integration and analytics tools to include powerful functional modules for a complete data management environment.

Leverage the Pentaho+ Platform for ingesting, transforming, processing, storing, enriching, searching, accessing and analyzing data. It works wherever your data is located, with consistency and a significantly reduced data management turnaround time. Pentaho connects data to storage and application technologies, allowing you to quickly set up a composable, modular, scalable, flexible and extensible data platform.

Unified Solution 

Unlike point products that solve only part of the problem, the Pentaho+ Platform delivers a flexible and modular solution that connects to your existing and changing environment and allows you to determine where to start and at what pace without costly integration or coding. Additional functional modules can be easily added as your needs expand.

From Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial

I’m using Pentaho Data Catalog to bring in the data, analyzing 15-year-old flows to make sure that I’m not missing anything or bringing in redundant data from a 15-year-old legacy data warehouse before moving it into my cloud environment, which should be ‘data-scienceready’ for reporting.

SVP Enterprise Data Architecture
Major Global Financial Institution

Hitachi Vantara’s Pentaho+ Platform: A Unified Solution for Unlocking Business Value from Data.

Pentaho runs across on-premises and cloud computing verses on-premise data sources for unified observability and greater situational awareness of data operations across structured data (e.g., databases) and unstructured data (e.g., documents) to achieve a single trusted version across enterprise and operational data.

Better Data Fitness

It’s all about data fitness—having confidence in your data to make optimal decisions for business resiliency. And it’s about FinOps, optimizing and making available data for business, meeting service level agreements for users and applications while managing the cost of storing and maintaining data. Building trust, power and speed from the bottom to the very top with data that’s connected, reliable and AI-ready.

AI Ready Data

Enable predictive and generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) for commercial and industrial users with minimal coding by delivering data ready for use by systems like large language models (LLMs). Use the Pentaho+ Platform to streamline labeling, normalization and organization so data can be easily parsed and used by the business to draw meaningful insights.

Greater Return on Data

Advanced Pentaho+ Platform technologies automate complex data management in the cloud and on-premises, anytime and anywhere, with easy-to-use and powerful self-service and cloud-agnostic data management software. Source, prepare and synthesize data across the enterprise to maximize return on investment (ROI).

Measurable Gains

The Pentaho+ Platform accelerates speed to value and results across multiple data sources, including Snowflake, SAP, Data Bricks, Salesforce, ERP systems and data warehouse solutions. Improvements to cost savings, reliability, sustainability and performance become faster and easier with the Pentaho+ Platform, achieving quantifiable results in as little as 30 days.

Easier Data Curation

Reduce project effort and accelerate the transformation of data into predictive and prescriptive models to make smarter real-time decisions. Create competitive advantages by turning operations data into rapid insights and effortless forecasts, predictions and recommendations while optimizing content, work, assets, devices and processes.

Data Optimization and Management

Experience significant productivity gains, accelerate root cause analysis and dramatically lower application failures. Simplify remediation and healing of data reliability issues to ensure digital resilience and continuity. The Pentaho+ Platform works quickly at scale, allowing building once and repeating many times with data pipeline and data dictionaries that deliver what fits the needs of the business.

Sustainability Data Management

Use end-to-end transparency of enterprise data that is ready to gain insights into sustainability with the Pentaho+ Platform. Intelligently match sustainability data to meet Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) and Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) compliance requirements.

Leverage Data to Empower Business Innovation and Business Impact.

Break down data silos in order to access and understand data enterprise-wide, regardless of location and format. Access hybrid data distributed across on-premises and public cloud data centers for a comprehensive view. Connect data stored using unstructured, semi-structured and structured formats for a competitive advantage.

Data Integration

Connect, prepare, transform, move and synthesize data across disparate sources, including systems, databases, applications, data warehouses and clouds to get faster time to value. Break through data silos and experience consolidated access to enterprise and third-party data to enhance the customer experience.

Data Cataloging

Automate the discovery, classification, tagging and detection of sensitive and personal data for efficiency, productivity and time-to-market advantages. Unify and manage metadata, business glossaries, data lineage and data unification using policy-driven data controls for stewardship and regulatory compliance.

Data Storage Optimization

Use powerful self-service and cloud-agnostic data management services to support application and process improvements. Search data across multiple on-premises and cloud locations, then move or tier data to its optimal location for processing and archiving.

Talk to An Expert

The Pentaho+ Platform is built and supported by a group of data professionals and industry experts that can help you with any data management problem.

Contact us today for a demonstration. Contact us today for a demonstration.

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