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CrossFit Training Continues in the Hitachi Vantara Community

By Jens Koerner

Last month, Hitachi Vantara employees from seven different countries participated in the CrossFit Open 2021 event, including our very own CEO, Gajen Kandiah.

Vantarans encouraged one another throughout the competition by sharing photos of their training experiences and workout companions. See a few of the snapshots below!

Training for the CrossFit - LinkedIn Resident Vantaran Ricardo Rosinha - LinkedIn Our very own Pedro Alves - LinkedIn


Although the competition ended in late March, we’ve decided to continue with our own CrossFit Open – sharing weekly workouts and progress updates with one another to keep the community going.

In the spirit of ongoing fitness inspiration, two of our first-time crossfitters, Tamera Treat and Pedro Alves, share what motivated them to try CrossFit and what’s next for their fitness goals.

Tamera Treat

Tamera Treat


Why did you decide to try CrossFit for the first time?

I thought it was a great opportunity to do something with the people I work with every day, but not work related. Once I heard how much fun everyone who signed up was having, I was all in regardless of whether I could actually meet the challenges or not. It was also a nice break from what has been a day-to-day norm for a year.

How was the experience? What did you find beneficial?

I really enjoyed the camaraderie and support from our CrossFit Open Hitachi Vantara team. It was a lot of fun, and it definitely inspired me to continue working towards my goal. The most beneficial for me was that the workouts were pretty short (less than 30 minutes), which was exactly what I needed after a year break. They also provided enough alternative moves and weights where I felt successful and motivated. I looked forward to the weekly challenges, and a little competitiveness didn’t hurt either.

What would you say to others who are contemplating trying CrossFit, but haven’t yet?

I would say, try it! Workouts can be scaled, weights adjusted, and moves switched to match any fitness level. The workouts are varied, so you’ll never get bored.

What’s next for you?

Our Hitachi Vantara CrossFit team has decided to continue for fun. Right now, we are using the CrossFit benchmark workouts as the weekly challenges, with scaled options, of course. My goal is to be able to complete all the benchmark workouts as best I can and have fun doing it!

Pedro Alves
Pedro Alves
Have you participated in the CrossFit Open Challenge before?

Nope! First time. I’m not a crossfitter at all – that’s Jens Koerner! I just have a huge inability to say no when someone approaches me and asks, “Hey, I have a silly idea – you in?”

How was the experience competing against your peers at work?

“Competing” is actually the worst way to describe it. The really interesting part was the (unexpected) satisfaction of seeing the results appearing, with each participant overcoming the most adequate challenge for them. That part was amazing, everyone did their best!

What would you say to others who are contemplating trying CrossFit, but haven’t yet?

I’d say to try something other than a cult where half the moves look like a Cirque de Soleil show! No, seriously, people should do something. CrossFit can be addictive from its community aspect, but there are many alternatives. Just find something you enjoy and do it consistently.

What’s next for you?

I have two major fitness goals. The first one is to have Brad Pitt’s body in Fight Club. The second one is to have Brad Pitt’s face in Fight Club. I’m not succeeding in either, so I’ll settle for, in a few decades, being able to climb up a flight of stairs without having a heart attack!

Jens Koerner is Vice President of Lumada Engineering at Hitachi Vantara.