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Locking in Your Data Center Advantage: The Power of the New VSP 5000

Jonathan Martin

December 20, 2019

Earlier this fall, Hitachi Vantara introduced the Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5000 Series which is vital to businesses looking to achieve DataOps success and here’s why: companies are engaged in a data struggle—they are being asked to process, manage and store more information than ever while dealing with the emergence of new workloads for AI. These new workloads are driving increased demands for performance, scale and capacity. If that wasn’t challenging enough, teams are also being asked to more with less—less people, a smaller budget, the list goes on.

That’s sounds like the perfect data storm and right now many businesses are stuck in the eye. But there is good news—the VSP 5000 series delivers the answer, the Data Center Advantage which sets companies up for having a DataOps Advantage, here’s how:

First, the VSP 5000 breaks down the traditional silos between the CORE, the EDGE and the CLOUD to provide THE data storage foundation for all of a business’s digital business operations. Next, it does the following:
1) Delivers the flexibility to meet the demands of all workloads.
2) Has embedded AI capabilities that bring simplicity and reliability.
3) It’s orchestrated to intelligently manage copies and data movement both on and off-premise.
4) Offers transformative features that enables customers to get more from their existing assets.

And now for my favorite part—the VSP 5000 does all that while delivering speed and scale to power existing workloads. These performance attributes cannot be understated. Check these stats out:
It’s Fast: The VSP delivers a record-breaking 21 Million Input/output operations per second (IOPS) with response times as low as 70 microseconds —it can accelerate any workload.
It’s Scalable: It scales to 69 Petabytes—more than 8 times that of our competitors.
It’s Reliable: The VSP 5000 is capable of 8 9’s of availability. That’s right, an industry-leading 99.999999% availability. That’s 100 times more reliable than the competition. And if you are speaking to your non-techie colleagues, that basically means 100% of the time is it available.

These numbers truly speak for themselves but in true Hitachi Vantara style, the ultimate validation of our solutions is best exhibited in how we are successfully using them ourselves.

So, Hitachi Vantara’s IT team gathered at our data center in Denver to install one of the first VSP 5000s. The entire process took only 29 minutes to install and power up. No, that’s not a typo. In fact, you can see for yourselves by checking out this time lapse video.

Since going live, the unit has exceeded even our wildest expectations. Over just a matter of weeks in our data center, the VSP 5000 delivered:
• 51 percent reduction in Oracle Application run time.
• 82 percent capacity saving 5.5:1 dedup/compression ratio without impacting performance.
• 81 percent capacity reclaimed on legacy system virtualized by VSP 5500.
• 42 percent better performance with virtualized storage.

At a time when business budgets are shrinking and demand to harness a sea of data is mounting, getting the right data to the right place at the right time is vital. This is the value of DataOps. However, it cannot be achieved without a transformative data center capable of harnessing the power of your data from the core, to the edge, and the cloud while simplifying and automating key processes. For our team, we’ve reduced as much as 70 percent of the trivial, mundane tasks that they previously had to handle.

This is how a business can gain their DataOps Advantage and it cannot be realized without a powerful foundation at the data center level. Now go get your Data Center Advantage.