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How We Help Our Partners Create Hybrid Cloud Storage Success

Jeb Horton Jeb Horton
Senior Vice President, Global Services, San Francisco, United States

May 16, 2024

The hybrid cloud landscape and emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), are rapidly evolving and present both challenges and opportunities for businesses and their technology partners. Organizations seek the flexibility and cost-efficiency of the cloud while maintaining control of their data and performance for critical workloads — a balancing act that traditional storage solutions often struggle to achieve. This is where Hitachi Vantara's Storage as a Service (STaaS), part of the EverFlex portfolio, steps in.

Win-Win for Reseller Partners

STaaS equips you to capture new revenue streams and solidify your position as a trusted advisor in the hybrid cloud arena. Pre-configured solutions and streamlined deployment processes enable you to onboard new customers swiftly, minimize time-to-market, and maximize your return on investment. The predictable, pay-as-you-go model translates to recurring revenue streams, boosting your financial stability. Transparent pricing and billing further simplify operations, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives and customer successes.

The Public Cloud Alternative

STaaS offers a public cloud-like experience for low latency, on-premises workloads, with the proven reliability and security of Hitachi Vantara's enterprise-class storage. This removes barriers to cloud adoption for even risk-averse businesses, allowing them to embrace the agility and scalability of the cloud with your support.

Faster Time to Value

STaaS minimizes deployment time and risk. Pre-defined services with same-day activation, supported by Hitachi Vantara's expertise, allow you to get your customers up and running quickly. A cloud-managed console automates workflows for the entire process. Well-defined SLAs and transparent pricing accelerate adoption and growth. STaaS offers a versatile solution for various business applications, simplifying deployment and reducing your technical burden. Furthermore, a shared delivery and management model fosters a strong mutual value proposition for you and your customers.

Increase Relevance with Subscribers

STaaS empowers you to deepen relationships with existing clients and expand your reach within their organizations. By offering a solution that delivers both security and a public cloud-like experience, you can address a wider range of customer needs. Move beyond technical discussions and focus on how STaaS can help clients achieve specific business outcomes. STaaS can also serve as the foundation for other as-a-service offerings, creating opportunities to up-sell value-add services and to foster stronger, more strategic partnerships.

Use Hitachi Vantara to Drive New Business

Our commitment to partner success extends beyond providing a solution. We actively collaborate with partners to develop joint service offerings and co-sell through shared-risk, shared-reward initiatives. This opens doors to new accounts and markets.

The Advantage of STaaS: A Feature-Rich Solution

STaaS goes beyond simply providing storage. It offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower your customers' hybrid cloud initiatives:

  • Versatile Managed Block, File and Object Storage: An exceptionally adaptable storage solution supports a wide range of workloads and data types.
  • On-Demand Scalability: Seamless storage scalability effortlessly meets evolving business needs.
  • Predictable Cost Management: Transparent pricing models empower your clients to optimize their IT budgets.
  • Automated Workflows: Elimination of time-consuming manual tasks streamlines storage operations.
  • Guaranteed Performance: Consistent, reliable performance ensures a seamless user experience.

Empower Customers with Agility, Security, and Cost Control

For your customers, STaaS unlocks a powerful hybrid cloud storage strategy. They gain public cloud agility and scalability while retaining on-premises security with features like data encryption and access controls. STaaS fosters cost optimization by enabling them to pay only for what they use. Streamlined deployment and automated workflows further reduce administrative overhead.

Beyond the Basics: Measurable Customer Value

The true value of STaaS extends beyond the technical specifications:

  • Enhanced User Experience: A familiar interface simplifies storage management.
  • Improved Business Agility: On-demand scalability allows for quick adaptation.
  • Reduced Risk and Enhanced Security: Industry-leading security features ensure data protection.
  • Simplified IT Management: Automated workflows free up IT resources.
  • Faster Time to Revenue: Pre-engineered packaged service architecture ensures faster deployment.

A Strategic Partnership for Success

By partnering with Hitachi Vantara, you gain access to a comprehensive support system:

  • Dedicated Partner Program: We provide training, certification, and marketing resources.
  • Technical Expertise: Our specialists provide support throughout the sales cycle.
  • Marketing and Sales Tools: We equip you with a comprehensive toolkit to maximize your reach.

Embrace the Future of Storage

STaaS is the key to unlocking the hybrid cloud's potential for your customers and your business. With its flexibility, security, and cost-efficiency, STaaS empowers you to deliver exceptional value and solidify your position as a trusted advisor. Visit our STaaS webpage today.

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Jeb Horton

Jeb Horton

As SVP, Global Services, Jeb is responsible for leading the Americas professional and managed services business to help customers manage and leverage their data to improve customer experiences and create new opportunities to drive innovation and growth.