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Strategies To Unleash the Power of Your Data

Samta Bansal Samta Bansal
Head of Global Marketing, Hitachi Digital Services

May 10, 2021

To transform digitally, every organization’s data operations must have built-in governance. We see the following building blocks as a pattern for a successful enterprise cloud data strategy. To start, the integrated data platform should establish data foundations, such as cloud data governance and data security. In parallel, it should also offer the ability to choose the right data store for the right task with endless scale: intelligence by default, hybrid compatibility and security. This modernized “data estate” will then enable the extraction and execution of actionable insights through modern analytics and AI solutions and visualization with modern business intelligence tools.

To evolve, from the siloes of data and unit-level intelligence to a more all-inclusive and connected enterprise intelligence that enables those digital feedback loops to exist, you must reimagine your data platform to the cloud.

Today, organizations that are successfully going through this digital transformation journey are the ones that look at strategy, culture, unique potential and capabilities as the foundational elements first: Then, they turn to technology with a specific role in mind. Most large organizations grapple with executing their data strategies: You must determine what will help you discover a structured way to link your organization’s value drivers to your data strategy.

Recently, data lakes have turned into data swamps for organizations. So, what is the best strategy? As data and analytics continue to transform industries at an unprecedented pace, an enterprise must reimagine its business strategy. Where can it be updated to deliver personalized experiences, value-added data and insights, and ancillary services? Once a strategy is in place, how does your team build a typical data architecture? Has this approach changed in the last few years, especially with the fascination with big or unstructured data in a multicloud context?

Merely modernizing an enterprise’s core legacy software won’t translate to success in the age of digital disruption. Building an agile and adaptable core that allows for plug-and-play modern data management systems and data science expertise can help enterprises unlock new markets and ecosystems.

Join our group of expert panelists for a webinar to explore how successful enterprises keep “experiences” and “business outcomes” top of mind in order to drive their digital strategies around edge, cloud and data. Our speakers include: Dr. Vikram Jayaram, Pioneer Natural Resources; Bill Schmarzo, Dean of Big Data; Erwin Visser, Microsoft; Kerry Sims, Hitachi Vantara; and Suranjan Som, Hitachi Vantara.

Listen to the webinar here and learn how to drive your organization’s digital strategies around edge, cloud and data.

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Samta Bansal is Global Consulting Marketing Leader at Hitachi Vantara.

Samta Bansal

Samta Bansal

Samta joined Hitachi Digital Services from Hitachi Vantara where she led global consulting strategy and marketing. She has deep expertise in digital transformations, AI, big data and IoT, and experience spanning marketing, sales enablement, business development and more.