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Tackling Data Sprawl & Mitigating Risks: The Data Dynamics Connection

Greg Bucyk

November 15, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses face the challenge of managing the ever-expanding volume of data at their disposal, an issue that often hinders their ability to derive the critical and accurate insights they need to thrive and stay competitive.

Driven by the monumental rise of generative AI, cloud services, remote work, and IoT devices, most organizations expect their data to double by 2025. This poses a significant hurdle for effective data management and complicates the navigation of multiple cloud environments. If not managed properly, an enterprise may find itself unable to grow, facing data security risks, compliance and regulatory concerns, and spiraling infrastructure costs.

Our Solution: A Powerful New Partnership

To address this problem, we’ve partnered with Data Dynamics to empower our partners and help companies improve their unstructured data discovery by harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide an accurate look into their data.

Through this collaboration, companies of all types and verticals, regardless of their current environments, can leverage Hitachi Vantara’s comprehensive portfolio of storage solutions, offering them the flexibility and scalability necessary for effective data management, and the ability to leverage Data Dynamics’ extensive analytics expertise to make better use of their information and improve operational management processes.

The cornerstone of this partnership is Data Dynamics’ advanced platform driven by state-of-the-art AI/ML technologies. It offers precise insights into unstructured data, enhancing data security, compliance, and storage optimization. The content analytics feature, powered by a strong data science engine, greatly improves sensitive data discovery and classification.

A Consultative and Strategic Approach

What makes this collaboration unique is its consultative and strategic approach to data management. Hitachi Vantara and Data Dynamics focus on understanding a company’s specific needs, allowing it to take control of its corporate information. The process is simple: Data Dynamics Analytics Suite assesses stored data, generating a metadata analysis that provides risk assessment for personal and sensitive business data, and ensures compliance and security. It extracts patterns and insights for informed decisions and uses AI/ML to transition data into a stored state. This guarantees well-managed, secure, and efficient data.

Enhancing Data Management Together

The partnership perfectly complements our existing suite of storage solutions, facilitating a collaborative approach to meeting customer needs. The focus is on creating a balanced data environment that reduces costs, mitigates risks, and enhances data utilization while ensuring compatibility with existing IT infrastructure.

Effective data management is crucial in today’s competitive landscape. The partnership between Hitachi Vantara and Data Dynamics builds on our strong history of enabling sensitive data discovery, remediation, and improved management. The integration of descriptive and diagnostic analytics provides customers with a deep understanding of their data, positioning them for success in a time of rapid data growth.

Addressing Corporate Data Challenges

This partnership goes beyond just optimizing data storage infrastructure. Many executives are deeply concerned about their corporate data risk exposure. Often, companies are challenged with data sprawl, and they do not have clear visibility on corporate data ownership and management. Therefore, these leaders are looking for data discovery insights to better control unnecessary risk exposure from data misuse or unwanted data access.

Our partnership with Data Dynamics is the solution they’ve been seeking. With our combined expertise, we can help companies identify, catalog, and classify business-critical and sensitive data. This improves data management and addresses the critical issues of data compliance, data security, and data protection. Through the power of AI and ML analytics tools, our partnership provides a robust approach to sensitive data discovery and risk remediation, giving leaders the peace of mind they need.

Our collaboration is a game-changer for the many enterprises drowning in data. Together, we empower organizations to address data management challenges and transform their data into strategic advantage, ensuring success in a data-driven world.

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