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Liujiang People’s Hospital Protects Data and Patient Care With Hitachi Data Protection Solution

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  • Reduce risk of data loss and disruption to services in the event of an incident.


  • The hospital safeguards data with Hitachi active-active storage.


  • Instant recovery in the event of an incident without data loss or downtime
  • Better access to data with 10-times faster response times
  • Improved patient care and satisfaction


Established in 1956, Liujiang People’s Hospital combines preventative care, treatment, research and education. With 320,000 outpatient visitors, 26,000 inpatient admissions and 4,000 inpatient surgeries a year, the hospital is the key center for medical care in the region.

With digitalization emerging in China’s healthcare industry, the hospital was keen to take advantage of opportunities such as telemedicine by embarking on a digital transformation. The hospital’s vital health and laboratory information systems are now crucial to day-to-day hospital activities. With data stored on a single server, however, a hardware failure could put services at risk.


To improve data availability, Liujiang People's Hospital partnered with Hitachi Vantara. The team implemented a customized active-active storage solution based on Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform and Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System's global-active device.

The storage solution provides centralized data management and ensures the hospital's health and laboratory information systems are protected with continuous replication. Flash-powered hard drives deliver superior performance and response times, while providing the scalability needed to address the hospital's future storage requirements.


In the event of an incident such as hardware failure, the hospital can simply switch to the secondary environment with no data loss or downtime. The solid state drives have reduced response times nearly 10-fold, providing hospital staff with faster access to data. As a result, healthcare and customer service staff are able to operate more efficiently, which improves patient care and satisfaction.

Liujiang People’s Hospital Logo


  • Healthcare


  • Data Protection
  • Hybrid Storage


  • Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G200


  • Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System features: 
  • global-active device and Hitachi Universal Volume Manager