• Ensure secure and reliable access to data and deliver better patient care as the demand for hospital services grow.


  • Implement new data infrastructure to improve performance and reliability.


  • Doubled performance to improve the user experience. 
  • Reduced data center footprint by 50% to free up space and resources.
  • Enhanced business continuity to safeguard hospital productivity and patient data. 
  • Improved storage operation and maintenance efficiency to reduce costs.


Founded in 1958, Peking University Third Hospital is a comprehensive tertiary hospital that integrates: healthcare, education, scientific research, preventative healthcare, rehabilitation, and health management.

With the increasing demand for services due to the hospital’s growth, new scientific research and the global pandemic, the hospital’s legacy IT infrastructure was struggling to perform at the level required. Ageing assets led to degradations in performance and reliability and increased workload for the IT teams. The hospital’s disaster recovery capabilities were also struggling to support business continuity. A better data infrastructure is needed so the hospital can respond quickly to patients and consistently deliver a good experience.


After a thorough market research, Peking University Third Hospital selected Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 series to replace its legacy storage systems.

With active-active data centers based on Hitachi Global-active device (GAD); the hospital can maximize resource utilization. By providing better access to backend storage resources, this approach improves the performance and availability of business applications.


With Hitachi storage, the hospital was able to meet its objectives quickly and cost-effectively. The active-active approach ensures high availability for vital hospital-wide solutions such as Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and VMware platforms.

The hospital also benefitted from:

  • Better application performance with faster response times
  • Greater storage scalability to meet current and future needs
  • Reduced maintenance windows and planned downtime
  • Smaller data center footprint
  • Enhanced data security.

With a more secure and reliable IT environment, Peking University Third Hospital is now assured that they can meet the growing demands for hospital services while delivering better patient care.



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