Research Report

Modern Data Infrastructure Dynamics

It’s hardly a secret, but worth repeating. Businesses are drowning in data. Results of our study among 1,288 large global businesses indicate they need to take action. With data volumes projected to nearly double by 2025, there’s little time to waste.

Data Remains the #1 Business Asset

To put it to work, companies need to address some big challenges.

75% say their data infrastructure won’t scale

An additional 61% are overwhelmed by volume today. Getting it where it’s needed isn’t getting easier, either.

68% lack resilience to survive ransomware attacks

Security concerns are a primary reason on-prem storage is equally essential as colocation and public and private cloud.

64% say data modernization is key to success

The best prepared realize they need third-party help. Expectations for those partners are high. Choose carefully.

The Cost of Dark Data

Respondents can no longer afford storage infrastructure in need of a technical or environmental overhaul. A major challenge is the growing volume of dark data. 75% report they save everything, then never touch half of it. With 50% of IT budgets spent on data, the waste is epic, contributing to unsustainable energy use and complexity and declining security. Many are taking action; others are advised to follow suit.


of data stored is estimated to be dark data that’s never used, costing millions annually


of those with sustainability goals don’t look at carbon impact of storing unused dark data

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