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A Clear View of the Clouds

By Bobby Soni

It is rare to have the majority of the tech and business communities be so aligned to what the future holds. In the next 18 months, analysts see 82% of enterprise workloads moving to the cloud, whether private, public or hybrid. And over the last decade, we’ve worked closely with our customers to create agile and scalable infrastructure to support ever-increasing digital business demands. During this time, it’s become clear to me that as business leaders place so much of their data in different cloud environments, they see a critical need to manage all of it together. Securely, to be sure.

I’ve also learned that secure, unified management of multicloud environments is not merely a platform. I view it more as a partnership that enables an ecosystem of benefits for our partners and customers. I’d like to share with you the journey Hitachi Vantara has taken to assemble the right capabilities, which we bring to these partnerships.

Today we’re excited to announce our acquisition of REAN Cloud. REAN Cloud is a global cloud integrator with deep expertise in Amazon Web Services (an AWS Premier Consulting Partner) and Microsoft Azure. For the last two years, REAN Cloud has also been recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers, Worldwide. The company has developed specialized solutions for secure, hyperscale, cloud infrastructure migration and management, supported by an infrastructure-as-code (IaC) platform that allows for significant automation. And it’s one of the few that can support the entire cloud services life cycle. To top that, with its 47Lining business unit (www.47lining.com) and as an AWS Big Data Competency Partner, REAN Cloud creates solutions for big data and high volume event analytics, targeted at data lakes and internet of things (IoT) applications. They are quite the company!

Unified Cloud Management Platform
If you’ve been following us, you’ll know that we’ve been building out our own multicloud capabilities. We developed our Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC) solutions to help customers access pay-as-you-go solutions without needing to move sensitive data off-premises. By integrating REAN Cloud into our road map, we aim to offer our ecosystem of partners and customers a secure and unified multicloud platform. We want to contribute to our partnerships by enabling flexible migration of workloads and creating a consistent environment across infrastructure choices that can help digital businesses scale. Through our acquisition of REAN Cloud, Hitachi Vantara will add critical IP, professional and managed services, and industry expertise, ranging from financial services and public sector to manufacturing and life sciences.

Once we complete the integration, we expect that our customers and our partners will have greater agility in moving workloads into the cloud. We’ll help them attract and retain the top talent because their developers will have one place to work with different cloud technologies. What’s more, whether enterprises pursue development in-house, or our partners are developing for their customers, they’ll all be able to augment their own work with the integrated IP and services that we’ll have at Hitachi Vantara.

Cloud and Big Data Experts
Of course, any business is more than IP and services. What really excites me about REAN Cloud is its people. They are highly talented, passionate about cloud and big data engineering, and are clearly at the top of their fields. Data scientists, DevOps engineers, big data consultants, cloud architects, AppDev engineers, and many more – all of them smart and collaborative. I’m thrilled to welcome them to our own team of talented professionals. Together, I am confident that we can continue to push the envelope by creating unique and insightful analytics and IoT solutions in collaboration with our partners and customers.

There is still some work ahead of us to conclude this acquisition, and we anticipate no major roadblocks as we take this big step forward. Our aim is to continue to deliver flexible cloud services and solutions that help customers and partners find and use the value of their data, get the most from the cloud, and create new revenue opportunities. Continue to watch this space as we accelerate and innovate together!

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