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Introducing the Hitachi Vantara FY21 Partner Program

Dennis Frank
Vice President, EMEA Strategic Partners and Alliances

June 24, 2021

Organizations of all sizes have been forced to weather a challenging year. Beyond the pandemic, the fast-paced, uber-competitive marketplace – which continues to undergo various degrees of transformation – is also making it much more difficult for many organizations to realize their long-term goals and grow in a meaningful way.

At Hitachi Vantara, we believe in the power of data, innovation and collaboration as a means of solving some of the biggest challenges facing us today. This year, the challenges are like no other, and we are determined to look beyond ourselves as we seek the solutions. So, while we certainly like to dream big, we also know when to ask for help. This year, I am delighted to be leading Hitachi Vantara’s FY21 EMEA Partner Program. And I am pleased to invite systems integrators, solutions providers, value-added resellers and cloud service providers of all sizes to join us and our diverse ecosystem of partners committed to shared growth and learning.

We are launching our the FY21 Partner Program to create an exciting space for shared knowledge, resources and solutions. Through the program, businesses can join a thriving ecosystem, where they benefit from a predictable, profitable and pioneering partner experience. This experience leverages world-class technologies and provides training, market support and real-time access to a range of tools, resources and insights.

Democratizing Data and Insight

The program is tailored around four key business models: Resell, Deliver, Manage and Create. This approach ensures that all our partners have the freedom to choose a model that works best for them, and benefit from a program that is carefully curated around their business needs and objectives. In turn, this will better enable them to unlock new growth opportunities and positive outcomes as a result. As we enter this next stretch of COVID-19 recovery and hybrid working practices, we have found it increasingly important to offer both our current and prospective partners the flexibility to choose how they would like to work. And we hope that our four models will leave them feeling empowered.

Likewise, understanding the wide range of challenges the past year has created for business, our FY21 Partner Program also aims to champion small and medium enterprises alongside our large enterprise partners. To ensure that businesses of all sizes can benefit, we employ a tiered pricing structure, which enables partners to access the tools and trainings that would make the biggest difference in helping them to achieve their goals. Our key partners will also be invited to join a Partner Advisory Council, through which they can help to grow the program and suggest ways of improving it.

Other features include sales resources, workflow tools, a deal registration platform, classroom-based courses and online programs, and a center of excellence to the showcase unique solutions developed by Hitachi Vantara and our partners.

Above all, we see it as our responsibility to support others during this challenging time, and as part of this, we’re committed to supporting enterprises of all sizes in their pursuits, commercial or otherwise.

A Collaborative Vision of the Future

Over the past year, we’ve seen a large number of organizations accelerate their digital transformation journeys as a result of the pandemic. We believe this presents a crucial opportunity for organizations to consolidate these efforts through greater collaboration. Previously, small or midsized organizations may have felt they were excluded from these opportunities – for reasons including cost, capacity, and skills. However, we’re quickly seeing how a positive partner relationship is unlocking the solutions needed to accelerate these efforts in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Whether you’re looking to resell, deliver, manage or create, we’d love to discuss how we could work together. Our vision for the Partner Program is based on mutual growth and collaboration, and we look forward to seeing how our partners, old and new, will progress this year. I am confident that we can together aid mutual recovery from COVID-19, and unlock the capabilities needed to achieve our respective goals. Through the Partner Program, we measure our success by your success.

If you’d like to learn more about the 2021 Program, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact details below.

Dennis Frank is Vice President, EMEA Strategic Partners and Alliances at Hitachi Vantara.

Dennis Frank

Dennis Frank

Dennis Frank is Vice President, EMEA Strategic Partners and Alliances at Hitachi Vantara.