Hitachi NASPO Offering for the State of New Mexico

Participating Addendum Information

State of New Mexico

Use of specific NASPO ValuePoint cooperative contracts by agencies, political subdivisions and other entities (including cooperatives) authorized by an individual state's statutes to use the State of New Mexico contracts are subject to the prior approval of the respective State Chief Procurement Official. Issues of interpretation and eligibility for participation are solely within the authority of the State Chief Procurement Official.

All Purchase Orders issued by Purchasing Entities within the jurisdiction of this Contract must reference Master Contract Number MNWNC-113, and the PA with the State of New Mexico, Number 60-000-15-00008AO. The dollar limits of $500,000 for Servers and $500,000 for storage are per configuration. This is not a restriction on the purchase of multiple configurations.

All Purchase Orders, whether showing the vendor to be the Contractor or an authorized reseller / partner, are to be directed to:

Hitachi Sales Contact Information

Please contact your salesperson for invoicing, billing, order tracking and delivery questions.

Paul Schwappach
(303) 884-2845

Partners Contact Information

Consiliant Technologies LLC

David Cerniglia
O: (877) 244-6625

Jim Jenkins
O: +1 505-933-9547
C: +1-858-922-6970

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