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These Service Starter Pack Exhibits are to be used with Professional Services provided by Hitachi Vantara on selected hardware and software product sales.

Description of Services

This Description of Services sets forth Waterline Data Science, Inc.’s (“Waterline”) professional services to assist Customer’s IT staff with deployment of the Waterline software products (the “Software”). The Waterline professional services described in this Description of Services (collectively, the “Services”) are based upon Waterline’s understanding of Customer’s current requirements. The Services may be delivered remotely or on-site.

Quick Start Package

Scope of Work

  • General description of the project
    • Waterline will work with the Customer project team to install the Software into a single environment, configure the Software, attach to a data source, profile and tag the data
  • List of in-scope and out-of-scope items
    • Planning
      • Gather system specifics
      • Review compatibility checklist
      • Develop project timelines
    • Environment Validation
      • Review environment specifics such as Spark and Solr instances for identified environment
    • Installation & Configuration
      • Assist Customer to install and configure Spark and Solr
      • Assist Customer to install the Software into a single environment (dev, test, QA, etc.)
      • Assist Customer to configure the Software to integrate with Customer’s designated environment
      • Assist Customer to deploy their Data Catalogue
    • Data Discovery & Profiling
      • Assist Customer to attach and profile up to three (3) data sources
      • Assist Customer to import Business Glossary
      • Assist Customer to tag data
    • Training
      • Provide Basic Administration Training
    • Any scope, activity or function not specified above is considered to be out-of-scope for this project
  • Waterline’s Responsibilities and Deliverables

    - Project Start-up

    Waterline’s Customer Success team will work with Customer’s Executive Sponsor(s) and Project Manager to:
    • Establish overall success criteria
    • Refine project scope considering all related projects, data sources and use cases
    • Identify accountable parties and team members for the different technology domains where applicable:
      • Hadoop Administrators
      • Security Administrators
      • Database Administrators
    • Establish due dates for the following project milestones:
      • Project Start-up complete
      • Environment complete
      • Installation/Configuration complete
      • Go-Live
      • Project complete
    • Plan logistics for subsequent project activities
  • Prepare and Validate

    Waterline’s Customer Success Team will work with Customer’s Project Manager to:
    • Conduct a kick-off meeting that includes key stakeholders across IT and business functions
    • Develop a Responsibility Matrix (RACI diagram)
    • Create a detailed Project Plan

    Waterline’s Technical Services team will work with Customer’s Technical Architect and Extended Technical Team to:
    • Gather or refresh architectural inputs related to data sources, workloads, datacenters, and use cases in scope for the deployment
    • Specify any Operating Policies for Waterline
  • Install and Configure

    Waterline’s Technical Specialist will work with Customer’s Extended Administration Team to:
    • Validate that available hardware and software standards used to deploy the Software are aligned with the established architecture
    • Review Software prerequisites
    • Connect to in-scope data sources
    • Assist in performance-tuning profiling jobs where necessary
  • Profile and Curate Data

    Waterline’s Technical Specialist will work with Customer’s Extended Administration Team to:
    • Assist Customer to profile up to three (3) data sources
    • Assist Customer to import Business Glossary
    • Assist Customer to tag data
    • Review profiled data for completeness
    • Demonstrate and review lineage
  • Training
    • Provide Basic Administration Training
    • Provide Basic End User Training
  • Estimated Timeline
    • Waterline will commence the Services defined in this Section 2 once Customer and Waterline agree on the project Start Date or within two (2) weeks of the SOW Effective Date, whichever is later
    • The estimated completion time for the project is within 30 days of the Start Date and shall not exceed 20 person-days of effort
  • Deliverables
    • Project Charter – Contains the project success criteria, scope, milestone due dates and team assignments
    • Software: Waterline’s current general availability (GA) Software
    • Product documentation
    • Technical Configuration Summary – Contains a summary of the technical configurations made during the implementation with accompanying screen-shots
    • Engagement Summary – Summarizes the outcomes of the project for Customer’s Executive Sponsor(s) and Project Manager
    • All deliverables will be deemed accepted unless expressly rejected in a written notice to Waterline within 10 business days of receipt of deliverable
  • Waterline Personnel
    • Executive Sponsor – Responsible for ensuring that Customer receives the expected value immediately after implementation and over the longer term, and to serve as Waterline’s Executive escalation point
    • Project Lead Accountable to both Customer and Waterline for short- and long-term Customer success and value. Responsible for executing project plans in close partnership with Customer’s Executive Sponsors and Project Lead
    • Technical Leads – Responsible for installing and configuring the Software in support of Customer business and IT objectives and for providing knowledge transfer to Customer’s product owner
    • Support Lead – Responsible for delivering training to IT and end user constituencies
  • Customer Obligations
    • Customer personnel will make reasonable efforts to make themselves available on a timely basis for meetings, design reviews, installation and configuration reviews, testing and escalation meetings to resolve open issues, and will advance mutually agreed project deliverables in accordance with the project plan
    • Customer will provide the inputs required in order to complete the Deliverables described above including, but not limited to, project plans, release plans, and financial inputs and metrics related to operational benefits
    • Customer will produce (with guidance and assistance from Waterline) and manage a clearly defined and regularly updated project plan
    • Customer will provide all required infrastructure in conformance with the specifications and best practices
    • All necessary Waterline personnel working on Customer’s project will be provided reasonable access to Customer facilities if and when necessary and in accordance with Customer’s security requirements
    • Customer will provide the necessary office space for any on-site Waterline personnel. Office space will include a desk, monitor, keyboard and office chair
    • Waterline personnel will be provided, as needed, a Customer laptop with all necessary software to schedule meetings and reserve conference rooms
    • Customer will assist Waterline in setting up Telepresence/telecom calls between personnel at various Customer facilities as needed


Fees & Expenses

The Services described herein are offered to Customer on a fixed-fee basis, and the fee for such Services is specified on the Order Form.

Customer shall prepay the total fees for the Services stated on the Order Form. Invoices shall be paid by Customer net thirty (30) days from date of receipt of invoice from Waterline, unless Customer has entered into a separate agreement with Waterline, in which case the payment terms agreed in such agreement shall govern.


  • Upon signing the Order Form, Waterline or its representative will schedule a Project Launch Meeting where mutual agreements on staffing and project start date will be determined
  • The project will be performed in a single phase and all Deliverables will be initiated, created, and completed at roughly the same time
  • Unless Customer and Waterline have entered into a separate agreement, this Description of Services (a) shall be governed by the terms and conditions set forth on the Order Form and any Waterline Software License and Services Agreement with Customer; and (b) is incorporated into and becomes part of the Order Form upon the latter’s signature