Abu Abubakar, Senior Manager, Consulting & Advisory UK, EMEA | Hitachi Vantara
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Abu Abubakar

Senior Manager, Consulting Advisor

London, United Kingdom

“My biggest surprise at Hitachi Vantara is how we embrace ambiguity and approach problems with humility”

A day in my life

I recently joined Hitachi Vantara with previous experience in business and technology innovation, strategy consulting, and digital transformation. This role provides a lot of variety, I split my time between engaging with clients, solution providers, sales, the wider advisory and the delivery teams.

My current assignment is a transformation project in finance and human resource, with a key retail account in the UK. As a strategic partner to our clients, the most exciting element of my role is the opportunity to work with clients who are like minded in approaching topics that define our core values around sustainability and technology.

What surprised me about HV

I love working with my team! The people are vibrant, energetic and they bring a passion that helps us innovate and tackle challenging issues such as sustainability.

My biggest surprise at Hitachi Vantara is how we embrace ambiguity and approach problems with humility. The culture helps us collaborate with our clients in a unique way because we accept that challenges can come in different shapes and sizes.

Life at Hitachi Vantara

Hear from our employees all over the world about the goals they’ve achieved,
their career journeys and how life at Hitachi Vantara makes a difference.

Customer Testimonial

As the digital solutions and services arm of the Hitachi group, Vantara plays a critical role helping other parts of Hitachi Group and their clients implement a digital strategy and roadmap.

Matt Cole

Consulting Team Lead

London, United Kingdom

Customer Testimonial

Our client work at Hitachi Vantara contributes to the development and wellbeing of society, which has really impressed me. And it’d say this is a great aspect about HV.

Judit Mester

Change Manager

London, United Kingdom

Customer Testimonial

I enjoy working with colleagues and clients to deliver innovative solutions that deliver business goals. No engagement has been the same.

Nick Rowley

Director, Consulting Global Ops Lead

London, United Kingdom

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